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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Ice Rainbow Drop
The only way u can get to the Ice Rainbow Drop is to get Kine (the fish) and fire power. All u do is release fire power and suck up a brick and spit it out and suck up the fire power star and do this again, until Kine and Kirby can get through.DON'T get rid of Kine or the trick won't work.inside the door ucan get rid of Kine, but not firepower. Good Luck! by Mark Phillips
[send by:Mark]

Boss Fighting Tips
World 3: Before you fight Sweet Stuff, be sure you have Kine (the fish) and Spark power. The light bulbs Kine makes will act like torpedoes. World 5: When fighting Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright, try to suck up and swallow the stars they make. The stars will give you powers. Final Boss:To kill the guy after King Dedede, get all the rainbow drops. They will come together and form a sword. Hit the guy with it until he dies

Dark Matter
To fight Dark Matter, you must first collect ALL of the Rainbow Drops before beating King Dedede. You will then immediately fight Dark Matter himself. Good luck!
Fight Bosses, Bonus Rounds, and Sound Test
1. Get all of the rainbow drops
2. Reenter boss rooms and get perfect in all of the bonus rounds.
3. Get the female blob. (it's easiest to do this in stage 5-3. just keep getting the black blobs. eventually a female one will pop out.)
4. beat the game. when you see your data file again it should be 100%. when you push A you can pick start or option. if you pick option you can access SOUND, BOSS, or BONUS.

Free the Rainbow Drops

These are the powers to use on the blocks that seal the rainbow drops in their rooms.
World 1 Grassland Use Parasol Power
World 2 Forest Use Spike Power
World 3 Ripple Field Use Rock Power
World 4 Iceland Use Fire Power
World 5 Red Canyon Use Spark Power
World 6 Cloudy Park Use Cutter Power
World 7 Castle Dedede Use Ice Power To get the last rainbow drop (in the last level), get and use the powers in the following order: Fire
After going through the last door, you will be below the drop.
Submitted by GoGo and GrantM
How to get the "Impossible" 1-ups
In the castle zone you will encounter a room in which you see three 1-ups that seem imposible to get. Go right until you hit a wall and press B. If done correctly you should have destroyed 2 to 4 blocks. Go right again and press down. You will fall through the floor. Go left and you should now be able to get them!

Secret Passageways

There are several secret passageways hidden in the game. To find them get Kine (the fish) and the Spark power. Use the spark power in a dark room. You may see a picture and or door. If you see a door go through it. If you see a picture, try to go inside it as if it were a door.

Secret Tropical Beach
In world 5-5, at the end of the first room, there are two doors. Make sure you have Kine and Spark power before you get there. Enter the left door and kill the enemies. Use the spark-lightbulb to reveal a picture. Enter the picture as if it were a door. It will take you to a beach with a few enemies, and enough stars to get an extra life. (Enemies can be defeated easily with spark-lightbulb) (If you have all but one star, you can get 2 extra lives by collecting all of the secret beach's stars)


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