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Harvest Moon 3

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Harvest Moon 3

Natsume / 2001-11-14

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

In Harvest Moon 3, the mayor of your grandfather's hometown has worrisome news: a greedy corporation is about to turn your family's farm into a landfill. Even worse, the village can't outbid the company because it doesn't have enough money. Now it's up to you to save your farm and the town from a landfill! Don't worry--you won't have to do it all alone.
With more gameplay options, items, and events than ever before, you play as a boy or a girl--each with individual strengths and weaknesses--and get to select from a wide range of pets that also have unique characteristics and abilities. As you fight to save the farm, you'll embark on new quests, enjoy more shops, and play exciting minigames, including snowboarding! As with other Harvest Moon titles, you can choose to get married, and, as always, work the soil to make your dreams come true!

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