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Mindscape / 2000-01-01



Game Details

No wet, sloppy kisses, sure, but your virtual Fifi doesn't leave any stinky presents, either.

Fans of the still-percolating genre of virtual pets get tossed a bone with Mindscape's canine Pak. You can try out each of the three varieties (Chihuahua, Scottie and mutt) before adopting. After bringing a pup home, tend it carefully, keeping track of its hunger, energy, affection, health, grooming and, most important of all, happiness.

The supply shelf -- accessible by pressing Select -- is stocked with a brush, sleeping pillow, bowls of water and food, fetching stick and more. Tricky hit detection means it's harder than it should be to feed your pup a bottle of milk.

You can use the GBC's infrared port to send your dog to a friend's Dogz or Catz Pak.

Publisher Mindscape bungled badly by not securing the soundtrack rights to Doris Day's "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?," but otherwise, this is a fun Pak.

Dogz is compatible only with Game Boy Color. It cannot be played on Game Boy pocket or classic Game Boy.

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