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Commander Keen

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Commander Keen

Activision / 2001-05-16

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Save the world!

A sub-space anomaly has mysteriously appeared in the Earth's core-everything's gone haywire: telephones ring randomly, the clouds have turned blue, and morning cartoons have ceased to exist.

You are Billy Blaze. Armed with your all-new "Computer-Wrist" computer. Commander Keen, your alter ego, is ready to find out who is responsible!

Old enemies have joined forces in one last-ditch attempt to destroy the universe. The Droidiccus, Shikadi, and Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax have created the fabled Omegamatic Warp Drive. Using super powerful plasma crystals, they can destroy sub-space stability. Even your old arch-rival Mortimer McMire may have a hand in the mayhem.

Only you as Commander Keen™ have the ability to re-unite the three plasma crystals at the Omegamatic Warp. Flying in the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket for what seems like an eternity, you land in the strangest place you have ever seen in all your travels.

Will you succeed in stopping the evil powers or will the Earth be turned into sub-space shambles?


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