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Sega / 2011-11-15

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Shinobi is a single player Action-Adventure game that reinvents the classic ninja combat gameplay of the Shinobi franchise on the Nintendo 3DS. Along with an engrossing storyline set in exotic locations, the game utilizes in-game combat based in martial arts skills, special moves, throwing stars, ninja magic and a special katana sword that feeds on souls. The game also contains 3DS-specific features including 3D graphics and StreetPass functionality that allows players to access special challenge maps.
Shinobi game logo
Screenshot from Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS
Classic ninja gameplay from Sega comes to Nintendo 3DS.

The Legendary Ninja Warrior Returns

The legendary ninja warrior returns. Betrayed by your friend you must battle an ancient and evil clan in this epic continuation of the acclaimed Shinobi series. Shinobi captures the classic side-scrolling action from the original Shinobi games. This coupled with intense combat in exotic locations and over the top boss encounters is what players have loved since the early days of the series. Exclusively developed for the Nintendo 3DS, Shinobi is presented in stunning 3D visuals while introducing several exciting new features and challenges that Shinobi veterans and newcomers will equally enjoy.


  • A Classic Reborn - Re-experience the classic gameplay of the original Shinobi titles, with a modern twist. Pattern-based enemies, twitch gameplay and side-scrolling action all come together with an updated and unique visual 3D style, deeper combat, and all-new challenges.
  • Fast and Furious Combat - Defeat enemies with skill and style as you switch between ranged, melee and acrobatic attacks on the fly.
  • Magic - Rely on your Ninja Magic to get you out of tight spots and give you advantage during intense fights.
  • Become a Master Ninja - With a brand new combo system to master and a host of achievements to unlock, you will want to return again and again to better your score and ranking.
  • Learn Through Replays - Watch recorded replays to help find your weaknesses and perfect your ninja skills.
  • StreetPass Compatible - Access special challenge maps through StreetPass functionality.

Additional Screenshots

Screenshot from Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS
Use ninja magic.
Screenshot from Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS
Utilize skill and style.
Screenshot from Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS
StreetPass compatibility.
Screenshot from Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS
Fast and furious combat.


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2012-05-18 05:27:34

Play as Joe Musashi

Successfully complete all challenge stages to unlock Joe Musashi.

Shadow Master costume

Successfully complete a level without using Kunai to unlock the Shadow Master costume.

Chicken Sword

Successfully complete a level without using melee attacks to unlock the Chicken Sword.


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