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Dream Trigger 3D

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Dream Trigger 3D

D3 Publisher of America / 2011-05-10


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Game Details

Dream Trigger 3D is an original arcade shooter developed exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Containing a blend of nonstop action and stunning 3D graphics never before seen on a handheld system, Dream Trigger 3D is a must-have title for both serious players and casual players in search of a challenge. Features include: frenetic Bullet Hell Shooter action, more than 50 levels, 100 collectable trophies, 2 player multiplayer and more.
Dream Trigger 3D game logo
Dream Trigger 3D game screen showing both screens of the 3DS
Addictive Bullet Hell Shooter action for the 3DS.

The Signature Shooter for the 3DS System

Dream Trigger 3D showcases the wow factor of the Nintendo 3DS like no other game. A stunning mixture of explosive graphics and nonstop action, it is the signature shooter for the system. Play as a 'fixer of dreams', turning nightmare landscapes into gorgeous dreamscape in this must-have visual masterpiece for all Nintendo 3DS owners.


Dream Trigger 3D is a Bullet Hell Shooter, that is an ultra fast-paced game in which the enemies that you face can literally fill the play area with shots aimed at you. Before they can do so players must use the touch screen or their Nintendo handheld's "A" button in a sonar fashion to send out pings that reveal enemies hidden within the game's 50+ levels. If you are taking too much damage you must grab the power-up gems that float your way, in clear 3D, to get a quick energy boost. Like all 3DS games, Dream Trigger 3D can be played either with the hardware's 3D effect turned on or off. When playing with the 3D effect turned off the game cues players when power-ups can be grabbed, making for addictive and seamless play no matter what your play preferences are. The game also includes a wide variety of play environments, collectable trophies and a multiplayer option.

Key Game Features

  • Stunning 3D graphics never before seen on a handheld system
  • Mind bending 3D visuals graphics across over 50 different levels
  • 100 trophies to collect
  • 2-player multiplayer
  • You are a fixer of dreams, bending nightmares into gorgeous dreamscapes
  • The next generation of original core shooters comes to Nintendo 3DS

Additional Screenshots

Dream Trigger 3D screenshot
Collect 100 in-game trophies.
Dream Trigger 3D screenshot
Mind bending 3D graphics.
Dream Trigger 3D screenshot
50+ different game levels.
Dream Trigger 3D screenshot
2-player multiplayer.


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